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“Robbing Peter to pay Paul”

” The Welfare State is unsustainable economically, socially and morally”

Lindsay Mitchell

We, the First Nation Association of New Zealand believe that the greatest contributor to social disruption and subsequent anti-social behavior is Welfare. Welfare ‘without strings’ in particular.

The State ‘heavies’ the taxpayer to fork out ‘free money’ for a negative return on investment while requiring and paying for a horde army to administer it.

Over four decades of the Welfare experiment and more prisons to show for it. The state with the help of society has created a monster and the monster must be tamed.

There must be a fundamental change in outlook from ‘free money’ and no responsibilities to Welfare managed in a way that contributes to both to the individual and to society with responsibilities clearly understood by both the state and by the individual.

Welfare as currently administered is a most unfair system on the taxpayer and particularly unfair on the lower paid earners of this country.

‘No strings’ welfare sucks funds away from other areas of need.

  • From the truly handicapped and disabled.
  • From Health.
  • From Education
  • From Defence
  • From Productive Enterprise
  • From Infrastructure

And we can all think of other better ways of using taxpayer’s funds, even perhaps a tax cut?

Therefore, if we for a variety of reasons need welfare, let us at least give society and including the taxpayer a social benefit as a return on investment.

The state lays out rules, regulations and laws on work related issues that are set at levels which many employers choose not to employ the unskilled and to subsequently train them on the job.

Because of factors such as attitude and lack of skill many remain jobless and become a drain on society.

The State made the rules, the state has an obligation to find work for them if they can not or will not do it for themselves.


Young people fresh from school or those who have never had employment to be given the option – work and a modest wage or go without taxpayer ‘free money’. No exceptions.

People between employment have a cap on the length of time they receive a benefit.

If factories have to be built———–good

If fruit has to be picked—————-good

If trees have to be planted————-good

If employers large and small have to be persuaded to take on unemployed, so be it.

If instead of trashing a building for the dump before rebuilding we salvage and recycle as much as possible-good

Whatever the details planned for working for the benefit are implemented, the resultant social benefit will in time be recognised as an extremely positive move.

             The  Domestic Purpose Benefit

Created for honourable reasons now used in a dishonourable manner.

Once again, an extremely unfair system on the shoulders of the taxpayer but particularly on those working mothers paying tax, bringing up their own children and helping to bring up someone else’s children as well.

They are go to work and are taxed so that another can stay home and possibly with a state house as well. Most unjust.

The least those on the Domestic Benefit could do is to bring up fine well-adjusted and cared for children.

The late Celia Lashlie, extremely knowledgeable on social matters stressed         the need to ‘work on the mothers.’


Create ‘Institutes of Learning’ for mothers receiving the benefit that run with the same days and hours that state primary schools observe. Attendance compulsory, for non-attendance, no benefit and  no exceptions.

Run by a principal and tutors the same as any state school. Some of the tutors may even be from the ranks of the DHB mothers.

Creches would be established for the infants and pre-schoolers.

All children regularly inspected for their well-being by a Nurse

Subjects taught such as;

  •          Infant care
  •          Cooking and nutrition
  •          Budgeting
  •          Sewing
  •          Minor house maintenance
  •          Cleaning/Hygiene, self and children
  •          Looking after themselves, medically
  •          Reading, writing and/or arithmetic if lacking i.e. whatever may be needed.

“ It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men and women”

We as a Nation have to decide .

Institutions for good —or prisons.

Take your pick.

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