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We were once “One People”

The invention of Principles of the Treaty whereby none existed prior to 1975 is an extraordinary twisting of the English language.

To further add to the twisting, the last original English draft from which the Treaty was translated into the ‘language of the earlier people’ was then subsequently mislaid. (It has since been found.)

An earlier discarded English version has been promoted instead.

         “The Treaty of Waitangi should not be used as the basis for giving greater civil, political or democratic rights to any particular ethnic group.”

Dr Brash, Orewa 2004

Some Professional Historians and our Politicians have no stomach for owning up to their errors and omissions and continue to

to advance the fatuous idea of partnership. Partnership between Queen Victoria (the Crown) and individual Maori Tribes? Tribes who were at one another in a constant parade of war and pillage.

It beggars belief that such an idea of partnership be given the light of day. Do they, the “anointed” think we the voters lack common sense?

Now let us look at an everyday situation. Currently we have citizens who either hold or are eligible to hold a New Zealand passport i.e. New Zealanders.  How is it that we have New Zealanders and another group calling themselves Maori? Take a group of Maori and my bet is they have a significant percentage of European or other ethnic DNA in their bodies and everyone’s blood is the same colour.

Who is a Maori?

Some call themselves Maori because they are proud of their heritage. Others because there is power, privilege and taxpayer’s money to be had.

Only this year (2017) a well-known businessman with a stellar career was described as Maori even though he states that he has only a tiny smidgen of Maori ancestry in his blood.

Within families, grandchildren can all look to be completely of  European origin, however some grandchildren who have only a smidgen of Maori ancestry could in this day and age call themselves Maori and partake of all the attendant privileges that those who call themselves Maori are given, if they wished.

Where will this charade end?

Government sponsored apartheid is no way to run a country.

Therefore the policy of the First Nation Association of New Zealand on the Treaty issues are quite straightforward;

  • All eligible voters to be on the same voting roll
  • No special unelected representation of people calling themselves Maori in local government.
  • Rights to be determined by citizenship, not ethnicity.
  • An end to the stranglehold that one minority group has over the culture and life of the Nation.
  • Beaches for all New Zealanders and not just favoured tribal identities.
  • Strengthen Democracy and a big no to Stone Age Tribalism
  • One sovereignty for all.

Tribal organisations are only partly to blame for the current situation of separatism. Politicians too cowardly to take the “right course” of action as the 1993 MMP Referendum indicated and academics too cowardly to own and correct their earlier errors of history have to shoulder a goodly slice of the ever diminishing of democracy in this fair land.

We the voters watching on and doing so little to halt democracies demise, we are all guilty to a greater or lesser extent.

Ethnic privilege and Separatism has to stop and be replaced by Governor Hobson’s greeting to each of the Chiefs at the signing of the Treaty.

“He iwi tahi tahou”.     We are now one people.

“No Tatou Te Toto”.     The Blood we share.