The First Nation Association of New Zealand  20.03.2019

A voice of Temperance and Reason.

To the New Zealand Parliament:

With profound sorrow we reflect on the murder of 50 and wounding of 50 innocent Muslims at the Christchurch mosque by lone gunman, Australian Brenton Tarrant. We declaim Tarrant’s actions and abhor his twisted ideology.

New Zealand once executed such homicidal fanatics by hanging, after a Court trial.

Today however, Parliamentarians would punish our people instead, by imposing repressive sanctions on our Free Speech, Civil Rights and Gun Laws. Their doing so will be in conformity with Tarrant’s intentions, as expressed in his eco-fascist manifesto.

If State repression of citizens would solve the evils of terrorism and Jihad, then Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia would indeed be lands of peace and freedom.

We must condemn any Government for oppressing us in a knee-jerk reaction to the tragedy brought on by fanaticism. As Free People we will reject any yoke imposed on us, especially when Political Correctness masquerades as “public safety” at a time of surging public emotion brought on by this unexpected tragedy.

Any response must be measured and sane, not at the price of this nation’s cohesion and unity. Free Speech is always the first target of ham-fisted tyranny. Tarrant would be most pleased if he could topple our established traditions by his Machiavellian scheme. You would become the pawns in his game.

This warning is well meant and based on historical evidence.

President J.F. Kennedy, well-versed in matters of war and peace declared;

 “When you make peaceful resistance impossible, you make violent resistance inevitable”.

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