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We acknowledge New Zealand’s historic nation, forged by Christian explorers and pioneers from Britain and other European lands, who created our parliamentary government under the Crown; and we acknowledge New Zealand’s first inhabitants, the Polynesian Maori people as part of our historic nation.


  • The New Zealand nation founded in 1840 with an elected parliamentary democracy is a sovereign state where the people, the Kiwis, express their sovereignty in a unique South Pacific way.
  • From its Anglo-European and Maori contributions the nation has enjoyed peace and prosperity. We Kiwis developed a unique culture and society based on primary production and an egalitarian interpretation of the Christian ethic.
  • For over 120 years the historic nation advanced united until Marxist elements using Maori identity politics and Leftist anti-colonialist ideology introduced their separatist agenda. Their project seeks to create race-based conflict and to exploit the divisiveness created for politically and economically destructive purposes.
  • We have always welcomed a manageable level of immigration but in recent years the government’s virtually ‘open borders’ policy implemented without citizen input is swamping our society with many people whose cultural values are far from, or even hostile to, our own.
  • Our society is showing serious stresses as a consequence of uncontrolled immigration and race-based politics. The following previously unknown phenomena are now erupting: ethnic tensions and separatist ethnic groups hardening into enclaves in our cities, grossly inflated house prices, housing shortages, severe traffic congestion, overloading of infrastructure, failure and outright refusal of certain groups to assimilate, imported cultural criminality. These and many other negative indicators manifest first in Auckland, then spread to the provinces.
  • The stability of our combined Maori and Anglo- European society with its traditional social arrangements is seriously threatened as multi-culturalism and racist diversity politics are pushed in ways that are destroying social cohesion and national unity. There is a logical and practical incompatibility between ‘Kiwi style bi-culturalism’ and United Nations/Human Rights Commission multiculturalism and so-called “Indigenous peoples rights”. In practice the government’s race-based multicultural diversity projects are leading to the destabilizing of our democracy. Both Maori separatists and the imported ethnic groups seek to assert their identity over the historic nation.
  • The government has failed to responsibly manage the social and psychological issues arising from both Maori tribal elite interests and indiscriminately globalist immigration. They appear to have abandoned the focus on national unity. The priority of most politicians and government people is short term financial gain. The rest of us have to live with the mess they have caused.
  • It is time for the Kiwis to organize, to represent ourselves, our national identity and our traditional groups as a First Nation cohort united as an Association – otherwise we will become a minority increasingly disregarded in our own country.
  • The First Nation Association of New Zealand has been formed to meet this real need, to protect the Kiwi Anglo-European and Maori bi-cultural national identity and to develop responses to mitigate this growing crisis. Maori separatism and uncontrolled mass immigration have become an existential threat to our national identity and wellbeing.


Members of The First Nation Association of New Zealand stand together as the historic people of this land. Our roots as a nation were planted in 1840 from the combining of our forebears’ intentions, both brown and white races cooperating at a level higher than their separate interests. The ancestors agreed to unite into one purpose, to build a new South Pacific nation under the sovereignty of the British Crown. At the signing of the Waitangi treaty the formal recognition of our nationhood commenced once Governor-designate Hobson addressed the signatories, “He iwi tahi tatou” – “We are one people now”.

The Maori and British people who mutually resolved to form the sovereign nation of New Zealand officially initiated that process with the Treaty of Waitangi on February 6 1840. On that day our ancestors adopted the British traditions of governance, legally formed themselves into a nation under the sovereignty of the Crown, and initiated the nation building project. The First Nation Association is formed from the descendants of those historic pioneers.

Since 1840 our combined people have invested their efforts to build a fresh, new nation. We have consciously taken the best traditions from Great Britain by adopting her most advanced and humanitarian ideas. Our unique achievement is a genuine South Seas culture with its own Polynesian flavor. Its deepest roots are connected to the gifts of Greek, Roman and Hebrew antiquity, updated through British and Western Christian civilization.

We have forged a special identity standing as free men and women with egalitarian ideals. Our path has developed separately from the Old World’s ways through distinctions of geography, time and culture. Still we maintain strong links with our English-speaking cousins in the Commonwealth and United States. On our own terms, we have developed a free society with diverse options for lifestyle and social opportunity. Many Kiwis are widely travelled and interested in other cultures.

Informally and to our friends overseas we are known as the Kiwis, a unique national term with which we identify with a quiet pride. We are a nation distinct from all others.


As the direct descendants of those Maori and Anglo-European pioneers and the living representatives of the historic nation of New Zealand, we now face two unprecedented existential threats to our society’s sustainability, its bi-cultural traditions and established ways of life. There are forces aligned against our nation which attempt to break our unity and shatter our purpose.

The culprits behind this fracturing of national interests are those globalist politicians and self-serving elites who take their lead from the United Nations and the European Union in seeking  deliberately to destroy NZ’s sovereignty and historic nationhood. They operate on two main fronts: race-based ‘Maori Separatist” apartheid and a globalist immigration policy. Both threaten the cohesion of our Kiwi culture.

These elites exploit Politically Correct ideology, an incorrect reading of the Treaty of Waitangi and immigration to push us into ‘social diversity’. The results of their arrogance and  destructive policies are division, disunity, distrust and now movements for ethnic separatism.

(Note: proportionately New Zealand is currently subjected to an immigration rate calculated at three times the per capita intensity of that inflicted on the American people under Barack Obama’s pathological leadership.)


We face the advent of two real and imminent dangers. One arose inside the nation, the other recently arrived on our shores. In both cases the political classes caused the problem by accepting the intrusion of foreign and divisive ideologies, particularly Cultural Marxism.

How should we the historic First Nation people respond to this betrayal by elected politicians and social engineers? How are we to protect our sovereign nation from the Maori separatists and those foreign elements who reject Kiwi values and want to change our ways?

Politically imposed ‘diversity’ is driving the intentional dissolution of the historic nation of New Zealand. Leftist elements, doctrinally bound to exploit differences and grudges, have deliberately manufactured conflicts to exploit. The use of ethnic diversity politics creates opportunities for Maori separatists and imported ethnic groups to attack the hard won unity of New Zealand’s Anglo-European and Maori society.

Kiwi political organizations should only operate within the established traditions of our nation. It is treasonous to fracture and divide our common interests along ethnic and cultural lines. Those who benefit from division and strife are the adherents of Marxism, globalism and the conflict theory of identity politics. Their gains depend on the manipulation of racial and cultural differences, engineering of civil disturbance and the breakdown of patriotic identity.

The same people who despise the stability of Kiwi society also legislate to undermine our families, dilute social cohesion, reduce Christianity to irrelevance and demean our patriotic spirit and national flag.


As the First People of this nation we must protect our own best interests against these challenges thrust upon us by political troublemakers using the politics of racism. Within their Trojan Horse of ‘diversity’ sit the mercenary interests of Maori separatism and globalist immigration. From distant places borne in the bosoms of strangers, come foreign ideas and strange practices that are antithetical to New Zealand’s traditions.

The siren calls of diversity emanate from politicians and unelected government officials who do not value our historic nation and seek to shatter its unity. They encourage immigrants not to learn our ways or to follow our traditions. Instead immigrant groups are allowed and even encouraged to form ghettos. They plan ‘Little Indias and Little Chinas’ in our cities and the Maori activists advance their agenda for separate territorial sovereignty. The intended result is a fracturing of the historic nation into competing and conflicting minority interests.

Those immigrants who seek separatist development understand full well that such diversity nonsense is severely punished and repressed by authorities in their home countries. However many New Zealand politicians seem not to care about dividing our historic nation. Successful leaders know that the nation’s source of strength is found in its unity not in its diversity.  We must be culturist, not multiculturalist:  we must assert and defend the primacy of our own Kiwi culture.

Kiwis are a united people and we reject the separatism hidden inside ‘diversity’ politics.


Many of these foreign people recently welcomed here in friendship now look to their immigrant groups for identity, connections and political power. They believe in unity with their own kind but not with us. They do not practice diversity in the way that is idealized in the media and by glib politicians, except where such diversity suits their self-seeking agenda. They are not fools which is why they came here seeking opportunity.  Their justification for separatism is found the Politically Correct ideology of diversity. Accordingly, they continue to organize themselves exclusively along ethnic lines in ways that challenge the established historic Kiwi identity and threaten our traditional political arrangements.

The example of non-assimilating immigrants proves the point that humans prefer to be among those who are most like themselves. That is why since 1840 we Kiwis have forged bonds and built a nation of people like us. Those seeking to undo that hard-won progress commit acts of sabotage, walk the path of treason and stimulate a destructive, dangerous step into civil strife. Their term of abuse hurled against the historic First Nation is ‘racist’.

The large numbers of foreigners who do not identify with the Kiwi values have no legislated or government-exhorted need to assimilate with the Kiwi host society. All needs are met within their own ethnic and cultural groups. There is no pressing need to learn English. These people give first allegiance to their overseas countries. They live on terms that are incompatible with the Kiwi host society. Separatism and disunity becomes entrenched here, as the demographic balance shifts through mass immigration against the sovereign identity of First Nation New Zealanders.


To seek one’s identity is not a matter of evil intent. Human nature desires to be among those of a similar identity and culture. However, many foreigners are so different from Kiwis that they retreat into their racial group system with no intention of changing their ways. That fact explodes the Leftist myth of endless cultural diversity as an absolute social benefit for New Zealand.

Then secondary and tertiary problems surface as divisive cohorts form and the political and social progress towards national unity is shattered by factional interests, corruption, intolerance and outright hatred. None of these elements were integral with the Kiwi culture.

Although ethnic separatism may seem innocent, by setting a path away from our Anglo-European and Maori traditions, the ‘hyphenated Kiwis’ threaten to undermine the NZ identity. They will swamp us as they gather into ethnic neighborhoods of sufficient numbers to sustain their foreign ways. That separatist division of our communities is ethnic diversity in practice. Disruption, distrust and division are the only possible outcomes.


Should the historic nation allow Maori separatists sovereignty and globalist immigration to overwhelm our sovereign nation, intractable problems will result. Historically most intractable problems between peoples lead to wars.  We are seeing breakouts of civil war in Europe now.

Racially separatist politics, the fruit of current diversity politics will deteriorate the fabric of national cohesion. New Zealand society will splinter across racial divides.

Maori separatist politics and globalist immigration provide the Left and culturalist elites with endless opportunities to manufacture grudges of disadvantage, imagined racism and conflict. Then opportunistically they exploit these new realities for political and economic advantage. The Leftist’s Marxist paradigm depends on class conflict and hatred for its spiritual fuel. If those elements don’t exist, as in the historic unity of the First Nation, then agitators are determined to create the nasty conditions for the rise of conflict.

Hard evidence is gathering as to the disruptive impact of ethnic diversity pursued as an absolute good and at the expense of the better interests of national unity. We Kiwis were never consulted by the politicians before they imposed Maori separatism and globalist immigration ‘diversity’ on us.


Individually and collectively as Kiwis we stand as the historic First Nation Association of New Zealand. We affirm our sovereignty over New Zealand and assert our will for the preservation, protection and advancement of our own families, communities and nation. We prefer to be among our own people. We are most comfortable and secure living alongside others whose values we understand and appreciate and with whom we share a common history, familiar ways, and hopes for our children’s future as New Zealanders.

The ideology of multiculturalism and diversity as found in New Zealand politics must be made always to submit to the sovereign claims of the historic First Nation. No nation can maintain contradictory social policies. Neither should the whites and browns of the Kiwis be confused with diversity’s rainbow. We now approach an either-or situation with Kiwi cultural identity. This matter is precipitated by the social demographic crises arising in Auckland that is fast becoming a national crisis as the imported problems spread to our provinces.

Anti-white Kiwi racism has been introduced by the Leftist elites disguised as anti-discrimination and tolerance. Its purpose is to break the patriotic spirit of the historic First Nation people. The surface appeal is for approval of ethnic restaurants and colorful costumed people performing out-of-context dances in our streets and theatres. The re-enactment of pre-European and pre-modern Maori society recreates other feelings and ideas that are incompatible with modern human life.

When confronted with the tragi-comic fruits of diversity, we are supposed to provide scripted responses of approval to awkward situations, otherwise we are called racists. The ‘racist’ tag is the blatant symptom of conflict politics. Politically enforced racial diversity and its step-child cultural tolerance cause social breakdown as people lose their traditional values to moral equivalence. Anything goes. Then the social welfare system subsidized by the Kiwis’ taxes is engaged to pay for both the locally manufactured and imported problems.

The underbelly of State-enforced diversity is the discomfort and disadvantage of having to retreat from criticizing any inappropriate behavior by Maori tribal extremists and foreigners in one’s own land. Then we must pay the resultant social and economic bill. Because many Kiwis are afraid to name the problem bothering them they suffer from the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ syndrome.

Supporting all this nonsense with a unique form of institutional bullying is the Human Rights Commission with its well-paid agents and bureaucratic apparatus. These spiritual morons seek to restrict free speech, muzzle opposition to the swamping of Kiwi culture and to transform New Zealand under their internationalist and anti-patriot agenda. The apparent goal is a socialist Utopia. That happy peaceful society where there are no common bonds, no shared values, no spiritually unifying Christian ethic, no unifying English language and an increasing number of broken families, solo parents and encroaching overseas economic and political interests.

The Human Rights Commission does not look to the Kiwis for its guidance (though we pay its costs). Rather it derives its spirit, values and mission from the United Nations inspiration of globalism and ‘indigenous people’s rights’ in its corporate and Leftist agenda. They cannot show the Kiwis a vision for a better society, just the madness of the Nanny State as an institutionalized solo parent.

Confronting our historic nation are race-based groupings of Maori separatists and newcomers who reject our ways and bring their Old-World identities, foreign habits, their caste and status prejudices with all the associated problems of exploitation, corruption and airs of ethnic, cultural and spiritual supremacy. These inward-looking groups direct their members with no intention of assimilating and integrating themselves under the terms of our sovereignty and into our way of life.


Previously our nation has successfully received and absorbed small numbers of immigrant groups from ethnically related groups for mutual benefit and enrichment of our society. However this recent influx differs from the past in its intensity, magnitude, character, numbers, impact and purpose. Our nation has been pushed onto an unsustainable course of so-called diversity. We cannot continue as New Zealanders to be dissolved as a nation into a mish-mash of identities, cultures and languages at the expense of our far better ways that have evolved more suited to Kiwi life and reality.

It is disappointing that some incoming groups persist with their foreign cultural identities and ‘hyphenated’ claims to being Kiwis. There is no such thing as a ‘hyphenated Kiwi’. The Maori and Anglo-European peoples since 1840 have established that fact and learned to accommodate our ways within a bi-cultural respect and lifestyle. There are no other ways of being Kiwi.

For example, to pretend that Islam with its draconian Sharia code and obscurantist outlook has a contribution to make to the free men and women and families here is a gross insult to our ways. Years ago, we rejected the ideology, politics and practices of Communism yet our government prostitutes itself to the shame of the Kiwis and allows the Communist Chinese influence to grow here. Recent attempts by the Key government to eliminate our historic national flag were funded in part by Chinese manipulators. Now members of the Indian community have established a ‘People’s Party’ along ethnic lines to counter the very Indian criminal elements imported with them.

In Australia, similar patterns of diversity operating as dysfunction and destruction have emerged from their recent experience with ethnically disparate immigrants.  Their national budget is already stretched by an additional billion dollars annually to monitor and contain the imported threat of Islamic supremacism and Jihad/Sharia culture now sprouting on Australian soil. That money would be better spent taking care of the Australian people, to solve genuine needs and problems rather than paying to manage problems imported from Failed States.


In order to reject tribalist extremism and imported ethnic politics we must assert our identity and unite as this Association of the First Nation People of New Zealand. It is regrettable that we are being forced to take such steps to protect our birthright for the coming generations. However, this rightful response has been forced upon us by actors who have pushed their diversity policy of racial politics and ethnic swamping without the consent of the Kiwi people.

The submersion of New Zealand’s successful Anglo-European and Maori bi-cultural society by massive and unapproved immigration is leading to the Balkanization of our communities. This unpalatable fact is clearly evident in Auckland’s fracturing into ethnic and class enclaves where there is clearly no happy intention by these immigrant groups to enter under our New Zealand sovereignty, custom and in certain cases an unwillingness to submit to our laws.

Especially in Auckland are found the first fruits of this ill-founded multi-cultural adventure. Evidence confronts us of the proliferation of diversity run amok and uncontrolled immigration. The infrastructure and social fabric is being burdened and degraded by a flux of overcrowding, traffic problems, vastly inflated house prices, ethnic conflict, class exploitation, imported poverty and welfare dependency, Third World practices, gangsterism, the appearance of slum-like conditions, social failure and a host of other negative indicators.

Where is the end of this diversity-making process? Will there ever be a stop to ‘indigenous rights’, open borders and limitless immigration? What will be the consequences on our social stability when the inevitable economic downturn and depression sets in and groups start to conflict for scarce resources? Where is the national unity we need for our survival amidst the conflicting claims from so many separatist groups? What happens to the Anglo-Maori bi-cultural society before the demands of so many other cultures seeking equal representation?


We the citizens are the first and final holders of our nation’s sovereignty. The task for those who are aware of these matters is to organize themselves, then educate their fellows and develop strategies to assert control over the nation’s destiny.

The First Nation Association of New Zealand calls for the government to declare its vision of our nation’s sovereignty and demography i.e. political arrangements and ethnic mix in 10, 20, 50 years. Then we must move to a binding referendum to allow the Kiwi people to decide the future course and fate of our nation. This matter is too important to trust to the judgement of any politician. The immigration crisis manufactured by John Key’s government makes that obvious.

New Zealand exists as a sovereign nation. Its laws, history and traditions are the evidence. Separatist tribal agendas based on imaginative interpretations of the Treaty of Waitangi fall outside the national best interest.

There can only be benefit in inviting those newcomers, who cannot or will not submit themselves to our culture and way of life, to return to the place of their primary identity, source of greatest pride and happiness. The outcome is a win-win and a Department of Emigration could assist self-qualified people who refuse to become Kiwis who cannot speak English, reject our laws and maintain an ethnic separation, to find a place more suited for their existence.

Impacts from unwelcome foreign and imported problems are burdening our established welfare systems, schools, hospitals, Courts and prisons. Certain of these groups make demands far in excess of any contribution they might offer to our nation’s well-being. Meanwhile the needs of the First Nation Kiwis who built up this society are being treated on the same status level as the newest immigrant who has just stepped into our social welfare safety net without making any contribution. That is diversity in practice as it applies moral equivalence to destroy the prudence and integrity built up over generations.

The non-negotiable factor in this equation is the submersion of New Zealand’s Anglo-European Maori society, our First Nation’s sovereignty and our traditional lifestyle by foreign and alien elements, introduced under the banner of racial diversity. The Leftist excuse that diversity is an open-ended benefit is exposed in practice as a deceit, purposed to undermine New Zealand society, whilst selling off our social capital for commercial gain.

We are not fooled by the claims of diversity as a morally superior course – as they are based on lies. Nor are we to be cowered by cat-calls of ‘racism’ as we protect our bi-ethnic Kiwi nation and its fruits built up since nationhood in 1840. We are the home team and have every right to defend our nation and to decide who comes here to live with us. In our national anthem are the lines;

“From dissension, envy, hate,

And corruption guard our State.

Make our country good and great,

God defend New Zealand.”

We come together as the First Nation people in the spirit of our national anthem, we recognize that a great evil is being inflicted on us and a measured response is required. Our unity is our strength and our vision is for our own people first and foremost as that is our immediate responsibility.

Chris Newman:  8th September 2016