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We acknowledge New Zealand’s historic nation, forged by Christian explorers and pioneers from Britain and other European lands, who created our parliamentary government under the Crown; and we acknowledge New Zealand’s first inhabitants, the Polynesian Maori people as part of our historic nation.


To create a movement of patriotic New Zealanders who believe that we as a people deserve better than is offered by the existing government and opposition and are drifting steadily toward great social upheaval.

The proviso being that members work to;

  1. Improve the Democratic process by supporting the principle of Direct Democracy whereby the sovereignty of Parliament is passed to the citizens as sovereign.
  2. Ensure the personal safety of all New Zealand Citizens and residents.
  3. Maintain and strengthen the Western European culture handed down by the Colonial Settlers.
  4. Review existing Laws, Rules, Treaties created by the United Nations with the interests of all New Zealanders first rather than interest and/or lobby groups.
  5. Our laws to be administered fairly and firmly without favour.
  6. Work as a movement to create pressure on the existing political parties especially those in parliament to either adopt or partly adopt our policies.