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New Zealand from its inception in 1840 has always been purposed as a united and unified nation. All the people of New Zealand are the subjects of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Since 1840 these historical people constitute the First Nation of New Zealand.

Accordingly, the First Nation Association of New Zealand stands for the following Principles and rejects all attempts to divide or degrade the nation and its communities;

Personal Freedom, as free men and women living under the Law of the English-speaking people, we the First Nation Association of New Zealand pass the legacy of a free nation to our children.

We support one Law for all; laws which unite us and protect liberty and national sovereignty.

We reject race-based laws, tribalism and the mis- application of the Law to divide and degrade national cohesion.

Public Mandate, as the transparent means for the people of the nation to provide authority to elected representatives to govern as the sole source of their legitimacy for political purposes.

We support those political candidates who serve the people and act for national unity and advocate Citizens’ Initiatives and Binding Referenda.

We reject free suppression of political expression and especially deny accusations from agents of Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism and Islamic Sharia.

Collective responsibility, through shared participation in the nation’s culture and traditions we engender unity and mutual benefit.

We support programs and activities to promote family life, cherish children’s present well-being and future prospects, and enrich our spiritual and physical environment.

We reject ideologies, cultures and campaigns designed to degrade family life, reduce our children’s present well-being and future prospects and degrade our spiritual and physical environment.


We are the inheritors of the First Nation legacy from our forebears and active participants in present reality. Our responsibility is to cherish our aged and pass on an improved nation to our children. As students of history we are well aware of humankind’s propensity for noble intentions and self-sacrifice – we also recognise our considerable capacity for deceit, degradation and destruction.

The slogan ‘One Law for All’ appreciates that some may live above the Law due to their consistent practice of virtue, others require to live within the Law, they still have to grow into its ideals, yet others struggle to keep the Law due to destructive tendencies or existential challenges.

This world contains enemies of our Commonwealth. So the people and nation remain vulnerable to enemies and dangers both from within and outside our society. Collectively we support the Police and Armed Forces as essential agencies of the people, formally entrusted with our security and safety.

On the level of ideology, culture and politics, we recognise the human problems of self-delusion, deceit and destructiveness. Only through a healthy spiritual immune system can we ever keep these negative forces in check. The exercise of spiritual health requires the ongoing exercise of Freedom of Speech within our Law, in our families and communities.